Downstairs Rental of the Bingo/Smoking Room

At the monthly meeting a motion to rent the downstairs hall currently referred to as the Bingo/smoking room. The motion was passed.

All rentals include use of downstairs hall & access to rest rooms.

Non-member: $200.00 plus $50 clean-up security deposit. After the renter cleans up and leaves the hall in satisfactory condition the security deposit will be returned to renter.

The renter will not have kitchen or soft drink access. Food & beverages must be must be brought in by the renter.

Active Member: $50.00 includes full access to kitchen & soda. Clean up is the member's responsibilty.

Note: Active members are allowed to use the downstairs recreational area even though an event may have been scheduled in the downstairs hall. The members using the recreational room for such things as watching TV, listening to music, playing cards, or playing pool, etc. are advised to use discretion while an event is taken place. The downstairs hall will not be rented on Sundays during Bingo. The downstairs hall will not be rented during the Feast preparation nights,during the Feast, and during the Feast clean up nights.

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